About us

Danni Brenzuleanu

Hi, my name is Danni and I am the founder of Maxbuilt.

Our work philosophy is simple, and lies in the first law of marketing: Our client is always right. My studies in economics and marketing developed at the University, helped me to understand that a great customer service lies in being attentive to their needs. With understanding what our client requires, we can offer the best design solutions and execution of the desired project. So our job resides mainly in understanding dreams, propose designs and implement them. That is why our motto is as you like.

The implementation of our projects is based on three key principles: a correct budget, a well-established execution time and a high quality of construction. The price of the project reflects the quality of the materials used, as well as the quality of the labour.

Also, during the execution of the project, we keep our prices fixed except for extra orders from customers. The execution time is our commitment to the client. And the quality of construction is our business card, being aware of living in a market that works mostly by recommendations and not advertising. We employ specialized workers of all trades, masonry, electricity, plumbing, structures, decoration, workers with a lot of proven experience during years.

I invite you to meet us through our website and visiting our office.

Kindly yours,